CCMS (Central Control & Monitoring Systems)

The CCMS system relates to: The electrical power distribution (MV switch-gear, electrical substations) Main supply (SEC) Generators

The main functions of the CCMS are:

  • To inform the operator of the status of the electrical installation
  • To enable the operator to control state of the installation
  • To reconfigure and maintain, by automatic controls, the distribution network
  • To detect and isolate network faults
  • MV loops open point management
  • To reconfigure the loop in case of phase earth fault
  • To perform load shedding / restoring
  • Switching between the main supply and standby generators.
  • Switching and loop re-configuration between main supply feeders
  • MV equipment status
  • MV equipment System manual and automatic control
  • Alarm management
  • Measurement
  • Trends
  • Data logging
  • Reporting

PMS (Power Management Systems)

Help to control the cost, quality and reliability of the utilities.

The PMS systems has delivered a proven return and has helped customers realize significant
advantages in productivity and profitability.
Examining and changing the way you manage electricity will save money.

Savings can be found in the form of:

  • Direct utility expenses
  • Equipment purchases
  • Maintenance & safety budgets
  • Downtime reduction

The challenges of the times towards the survival of the business and its continued success. That each organization or company should plan to reduce production costs or operating expenses. It is known that higher operating expenses are power consumption. So every organization has to think about how to monitor and control your power.

WWW SCADA (Water & Waste Water SCADA systems)

A solution for each plant

T1 : Compact and autonomous plant
Adapted treatment for low volume of water
T2 : Integrated plant
Full and optimized treatment process
T3 : Flexible plant

A modular solution that simplify expansion
and revamping
T4 : A high performance plant
Several process lines providing process

Telemetry Systems

We offer a variety of components for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Telemetry systems; from simple low-cost Remote Telemetry

Units (RTUs) to intelligent PC compatible Controllers.

The telemetry systems consist on remote data acquisition and control.
One of the typical applications is for remote monitoring of wells, dams, rivers, tanks, etc… A remote Terminal Unit (RTU) will be installed for each remote site to collect data from different types of sensors (level, power quality, air quality, pressure, temperature, etc..). The data can be save locally and logged in the RTU and remotely accessible from the central SCADA system.
The data logger can transmits data to a Microsoft SQL database via the Internet using its built-in GPRS modem. Additionally, the data logger sends e-mails with attached csv formatted files and/or SMS messages with data and alarms.



EasyBill is the simplest way to manage your tenants’ utility bills. It is a complete software and hardware package to help people managing buildings with high-density tenants such as Business, residential towers, and shopping malls to process the electrical billing efficiently and much simpler than the traditional way.
The system uses smart power meters and airflow sensors (BTU); fiber optic network RTUs with main data concentrator system with billing system will help to provide full billing information.
EasyBill system automates the tedious task of collecting the KWH readings from electricity meters, or BTU meters preparing the bills and managing the payments, it collects the consumption through a digital network connecting all the meters located near the tenant main breaker, the billing software manages the tenants such as adding and editing tenant information, generates the bills, and process the payments, helping to eliminate errors associated with manual process, and it saves time by performing the entire job automatically.
The digital network offers the maintenance staff the possibility to monitor real time electrical measurements such as: phase currents, Voltage, Active power, power factor and Demand.
EasyBill gives the possibility to process other utility consumptions like water and BTU ( cooling )
EasyBill can be implemented with busway distribution system as well as cable distribution.
The tenants, meters and bills information are stored in a database ready to interface with other applications, and offers remote access through dialup or LAN connections.
The ION6200 digital meter part of the solution is approved in CANADA as a revenue meter.

Substation Automation

Substation automation refers to using data from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) control & automation capabilities within the substation and control commands from remote users to control power system devices