Billing System

EasyBill is the simplest way to manage your tenants’ utility bills. It is a complete software and hardware package to help people managing buildings with high-density tenants such as Business, residential towers, and shopping malls to process the electrical billing efficiently and much simpler than the traditional way. The system uses smart power meters and airflow sensors (BTU); fiber-optic network RTUs with main data concentrator system with billing system will help to provide full billing information.

EasyBill system automates the tedious task of collecting the KWH readings from electricity meters, or BTU meters preparing the bills and managing the payments, it collects the consumption through a digital network connecting all the meters located near the tenant main breaker, the billing software manages the tenants such as adding and editing tenant information, generates the bills, and process the payments, helping to eliminate errors associated with manual process, and it saves time by performing the entire job automatically.

The digital network offers the maintenance staff the possibility to monitor real time electrical measurements such as: phase currents, Voltage, Active power, power factor and Demand.

EasyBill gives the possibility to process other utility consumptions like water and BTU ( cooling )

EasyBill can be implemented with busway distribution system as well as cable distribution.

The tenants, meters and bills information are stored in a database ready to interface with other applications, and offers remote access through dialup or LAN connections.

The ION6200 digital meter part of the solution is approved in CANADA as a revenue meter.

System Architecture