Central Control & Monitoring System

The CCMS system relates to: The electrical power distribution (MV switch-gear, electrical substations) Main supply (SEC)Generators.

The main functions of the CCMS are:

  • To inform the operator of the status of the electrical installation
  • To enable the operator to control state of the installation
  • To reconfigure and maintain, by automatic controls, the distribution network To detect and isolate network faults
  • MV loops open point management
  • To reconfigure the loop in case of phase earth fault
  • To perform load shedding / re-storing
  • Switching between the main supply and standby generators.
  • Switching and loop re-configuration between main supply feeders
  • MV equipment status
  • MV equipment System manual and automatic control
  • Alarm management
  • Measurement
  • Trends
  • Data logging
  • Reporting

The automation system consists of

PC based SCADA server(s) in standalone or redundant configuration Main PLC, standalone or redundant configuration, responsible for the central control RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) installed in the substations responsible for data acquisition and local control Industrial communication network to interconnect all the system devices.

All equipment are supported by UPS to ensure power continuity in case of power failure and during MV network re-configuration.