Telemetry System

We offer a variety of components for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Telemetry systems; from simple low-cost Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) to intelligent PC compatible Controllers.

The telemetry systems consist on remote data acquisition and control. One of the typical applications is for remote monitoring of wells, dams, rivers, tanks, etc… A remote Terminal Unit (RTU) will be installed for each remote site to collect data from different types of sensors (level, power quality, air quality, pressure, temperature, etc..). The data can be save locally and logged in the RTU and remotely accessible from the central SCADA system. The data logger can transmits data to a Microsoft SQL database via the Internet using its built-in GPRS modem. Additionally, the data logger sends e-mails with attached csv formatted files and/or SMS messages with data and alarms.